The mission of Lewes Open Door is to support the most vulnerable people of our community. We aim to provide a safe, non-judgemental, caring space where vulnerable local people (in the Lewes district) can:

1) connect and feel part of the wider community so that no one feels isolated
2) feel welcomed & heard
3) relax, get warm, share food & drink in company
4) take a shower and wash their clothes.
5) be signposted to, and assisted in accessing appropriate services

Lewes Open Door began life in October 2017 when a bunch of like minded people were gathered together by local man Thomas Schorr-Kon seeking to help and support the street community in our town. This was known as ‘Re-homing Lewes’ until March 2018 and ran a temporary day centre at Station Street and TRINITY St John sub Castro, currently at Westgate Chapel.

As the work of Lewes Open Door continues, and we seek to become a registered charity, we are looking for a more permanent home and continue to research how we can best achieve our aims.

Currently we operate a drop in centre from Mon-Friday 12.45-2.45pm at Westgate Chapel where we can offer a safer space to relax, food and a place to wash.

How can you help?

– We like to be able to offer hearty healthy food to our guests (as well as the odd bacon sandwich and bowl of cereal), if you’d be happy to make a batch of stew or anything that can be frozen in portions, or donate some food items, that would be fantastic, again please let us know first, thank you!
– Volunteering at the centre. If you can volunteer an hour or two a week at the drop in we would love you to join us. If you would like to volunteer please contact us via the contact page.